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Media Player Sunglasses

Thanko released the Media Player Sunglasses.


The goal of this hi tech gadget is to keep you away from the boring sensation.

The sunglasses are a powerful media player which plays:

  • MP3 and WMA
  • MP4, MPG, AVI, and ASF

The media files are stored in a miniSD card.


What is interesting is that the Media Player Sunglasses shows users videos 50-inches in size with a 432 x 240 resolution.

The sunglasses offer: USB 2.0 connectivity four equalizer presets, and a lithium-ion battery.

The price for the Thanko Media Player Sunglasses pack is $324. The pack include: sunglasses, a remote control, an AC adapter, earphones, the USB cable and traveling case. 

The specs are ok but the sunglasses look wired on your face. See the pic below.


I prefer Zune or iPod anytime instead of the Thanko sunglasses. You?

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