Memorex MMP8640 4GB MP3 Player with LED Lighting

Memorex MMP8640 4GB flash audio player is the newest audio gadget.


It distinguishes itself from others Mp3 players like: iPod and Zune by the LEDs that give the the player 6 different color schemes which extend to the interface as well.

Memorex MMP8640 uses mini-SD that allows you to increase Mp3 player capacity by another 4GB at most.

The screen is a QCIF+. QCIF+ LCD display for mobile phones and PDAs that is specialized at showing text, still photos and video. Memorex MMP8640 screen has 176×220 for playing back MPEG-4 in either landscape or portrait mode.

Memorex claims that the battery life is about 20 hours.

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  1. true but the microsd cards are just a gimmick

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