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MicrosoftGadgets changes

MicrosoftGadgets.com is changing to better meet the needs of the growing gadget community.

The most significant changes are gadget uploads/downloads and forum comments on Microsoft Gadgets have moved to new locations.

Upload and download of gadgets is now at the Windows Live Gallery and the forums can now be found at the Windows Live forums on MSDN .

For the next few months, the info contained in the gadget and forum posts will be left here in read-only mode for reference.

Windows Live Gallery – The Windows Live Gallery is the site for uploading and downloading Web and Windows Sidebar gadgets. In addition, the Gallery contains other exciting ways to personalize your online experience including Toolbar Custom buttons, Search Macros, Messenger Activity Windows, and more.

The Gallery is available in fifteen languages, and localized versions are available in most major regions of the world. If you have previously submitted a gadget to MicrosoftGadget.com, you will need to upload it to the appropriate language/market version of Windows Live Gallery if you want users to be able to download your gadget.

Please see http://gallery.live.com for complete details on how to upload your gadget. Gadget Developer Resources The Build page of this site has been updated with link to many more resources for designing and developing gadgets.

For information about building gadgets see the gadgets blog.

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