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Mobile Gaming: The Trends and Developments That Have Changed the Industry

Since Apple released the iPhone and iPad the whole technology world has been turned on its head. What we once knew as an industry that merged sleek styles and elaborate designs with the best technical specifications has had the whole rulebook re-written by one tech giant who didn’t just raise the bar, they made a new one and put it far higher up and now everyone else is playing catch up.


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While the giants like Samsung have held onto Apple’s coat tails, major mobile phone companies like RIM, makers of the original smartphone, the Blackberry, and Nokia – one of the biggest mobile phone companies in the 1990s and early 2000s have seemingly fallen off the planet because they just couldn’t provide what Apple could.

The iPhones have got better every time (except for the battery life which still needs a LOT of work of course), and the iPads have followed suit with each update and that has meant that both are now right up there on the list of platforms available for gaming.

Previously you had high-end computers and even specially made gaming PCs, or you had consoles like the PlayStation or XBox. The original mobile gaming platforms such as the Nintendo GameBoy died out and mobile gaming was in need of a boost which is exactly what Apple gave it.

Today mobile gaming is every bit as popular as console gaming with players of all ages and abilities now able to access their favourite games anytime, anywhere, and even have the ability to download new content to their devices within a matter of minutes – in many cases completely free of charge.

The niches are wide-ranging with everything from sites that give you the best online bingo offers and games to apps that let you chop fruit in half and then you have the globally popular console titles that have been transformed into scaled-down versions perfect for playing on the move. This has meant people can play games while on their lunch breaks, while commuting and while relaxing in the evenings without having to use the one family computer or sitting in front of a console for hours on end getting told off by their parents!

Mobile gaming has attracted a new audience, as mentioned. Lots of people don’t like the concept of playing games on PCs and consoles seeing it as anti-social and the kind of thing played by something of a stereotype being quiet, withdrawn people who play through the night with only energy drinks for company, shouting instructions down their headsets to other players around the country or even around the world.

Thanks to the quality of the iPhone and iPad in terms of what they can offer to gamers, people can play games that keep them entertained and their minds active just by tapping or tilting the screen meaning many require little or no effort whatsoever – some don’t even need any skill in the case of bingo games, just a bit of luck along the way!

One of the most popular games of all time, Angry Birds, was developed specifically for mobile gamers and it had an incredible run of success. Millions of people the world over downloaded the game to their devices, both on iOS and Android, and the developers released frequent updates with new levels, graphics and characters as well as seasonal specials to keep the audience hooked.

The games themselves are relatively easy to play and uncomplicated as opposed to PC and console games which can require significant investments in terms of both time and money with games far more expensive than those you can download to your smartphone or tablet. It’s my belief that mobile gaming – one day – will reach the same heights as console gaming and the likes of Apple will be at the heart of it.

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