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Mobile phone marketing

I was reading on some marketing forums that mobile phone marketing is the new best thing for marketers. I saw people enthusiasts about this form of marketing but almost all wanted to implement it in the wrong way!

They intended to buy a list and send them SMSs. This is so stupid. It is SMS spamming. And it is more annoying than email spam. One company sent me one SMS per day, which I didn’t asked for and they announced me about their offers. Of course I didn’t care I have stopped buying for them and I have asked for my number to be removed from their list.

Unfortunately there are many companies which think they can have success by spamming people. The real success comes from offering value. Offer the information people need and they will ask for it.

There are hundreds of smart and non invasive ways of using Mobile Marketing. The key is to ask permission!

You can send customers the info they want and need like the order status. For example Cellit Mobile Marketing uses the power of mobile marketing: text messaging, wap, app and more to keep clients happy.

The mobile marketing technology itself it is great. You can use the SMS or mobile web, or Android, Blackberry, or iPhone App to communicate with your target audience. And as long as you have permission and you delive the info people want it is fantastic for both the business can clients.

The major benefits of mobile marketing technology:

  • It is simple to use. There are hundreds of providers which offer platforms for campaigns management. These platforms are build on the user friendly standards so they are intuitive and very simple to use.
  • It has a huge potential because everyone has a mobile phone and we all carry it with us everywhere.
  • It is affordable, This technology can be used with success by small business because it is isn’t very costly.

A smart way to use this technology is to offer Mobile Coupons for discounts. Like I said before ask permission first because if you send the texts to someone who don’t wants them they will be ignored.

The key to success is to communicate with the right people. The people who shop from you and will appreciate a discount coupon.

I’ have seen a good campaign on one of my friends phone. He got a SMS with a discount coupon from his favorite cafe shop (the shop staff asked him previously if he wanted to receive discount coupons on his cell phone). This was the perfect situation. He got a good deal on coffee and the shop got a happy customer.

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