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Money Monsters

Money Monsters

Piggy Banks, whilst useful for squirreling away spare change for a rainy day, have to date been woefully inanimate and consequentially very dull. If they’re dull, where’s the fun in putting any dosh in them? The Money Monsters however are animated and fabulously daft creatures. The eat up your notes through an electronic slot which drags your notes from your sticky paws, and gobble up coins merrily whilst flashing their cyclopian eyes and waggling their silly ears. They even give off a satisfying burp when they’ve done. As well as their wind problem, they also chatter away thanking you for feeding them in a variety of 20 random phrases – and if you don’t feed them often enough, as with children and pets, they get rather huffy. To get your money out again, you simply pop open a hatch in their backs. Of course they’re not wildly keen on you rifling about in their tummies, and will complain in a variety of ways that you’re starving them, they do after all only have your best interests at heart. These Money Monsters are what Piggy Banks (what is it with the pig thing?) should be, fun, interactive, and of course useful.

You can have this for  £24.95 – approx USD $44.91 / €36.93

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