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Most Interesting Recent Apps For Your Phone

Sitting through Apple’s or Androids many apps can be a daunting task. We often go by the flavour of the week, whether its featured, the most recommended, the newest or from a developer we trust. However, in an effort to keep up with what’s happening and being released, we might miss incredible developments occurring in the world of the apps – thus, missing ways to make our lives better.

Photo credit: smartphotostock.com
Photo credit: smartphotostock.com


Traffic can’t show up on static maps. Even digital maps or GPS can track our current position, but it doesn’t tell us what the best root is: only the fastest, according to the roads as laid out. What we need are live updates, informing us what to avoid. We can solve this by, for example, listening to live traffic reports on the radio.

But then it means we will have to wait for the right time – or we might miss a report – meaning we end up late for meetings or appointments because the report wasn’t on at the right time. However, there’s an app for that: Waze takes the user’s current position and throws it up for all other Waze users to see. This helps triangulate on problem areas on the road, meaning we get real-time updates as to the road conditions. Though it might sound invasive, you benefit all other users and they can’t locate your specifically.

Google Keep

Android devices, especially newer ones like the Nexus 4, have the ability to use Google Keep: Google’s answer to the multi-synced note taking experience, like the popular Evernote.

Jot down a quick note; make numbered stickies; make them different colours; record a voice message; snap a picture. Then when it’s done, this will be saved into your Google Drive – which means you can access it from any compatible device.

For those on the go, you have the benefit of knowing your thoughts won’t be lost due to irritating properties like having a normal human brain.


Trying to keep track of your newsfeeds – via subscriptions like RSS – is a difficult task. Pulse makes it incredibly easy and elegant, by allowing you to have columns and rows. Thus you can, for example, have a “NEWS” column with your favourite websites RSS feeds streaming. Your interests can be not only enhanced by also up-to-date, with your digital finger on the electric pulse of streaming news.

Car Apps

Today, our cars can tell us their problems instead of us trying to guess theirs. By digitally recording much of its processes and showing when and where various things stopped and started, engineers can make better decisions when trying to fix our cars. Apps have become essential in other ways too: they can even unlock cars, now. For example, General Motors has myChevrolet, myGMC, etc., apps for the various makes.

myChevrolet, for example, can remember the location of the car. This means you never have to keep track of it in a large parking area, since the app can lead you directly to your Chevy. Of course, only certain makes of Chevrolets have these, like the Chevrolet Aveo or Chevrolet Sonic. The app even allows you an alarm time, in case you are running a meter.

Terrence Stoker is a long time writer on technology and media, with a focus on how to improve our lives.

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