Music Infused Headbands

Music Infused Headbands are some of the newest gadgets designed for third generation Apple iPod Nano video. Also compatible with Nike + iPod system.

These gadgets are a simple but cool invention which includes a washable 3 jack wiring assembly infused into fashion headwear. Customized detachable over the ear speakers allow for easy disconnect before washing.

Music Infused Headbands

I have the opportunity to play with a i360 Music Infused Headband SPORT. It is cool you can listen to music form the iPod without having to worry the headphones will fall down when you do physical activities.

Music Infused Headbands2

To use this gadget is easy connect the 2 dual detachable speakers to the  i360 internal wiring system and insert your iPod in the internal pocket.


Aaron Phillips was having trouble with his iPod “It kept ripping the ear buds out of my ears” says the inventor. Fortunately the woman next to him had her buds held in her pink headband and so hi came with the idea for crating the i360 Music Infused Headband.

Pricing and availability info

This product is available since October and now (December 2008) the product has a special price: $ 39.95. More details you will find at i360 music infused products page.

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  1. Fabulous idea. Especially for joggers who like to listen to music while they workout.

  2. This is also useful for those of use who work manual labor jobs. I used to work on a golf course and every time I used to turn the steering wheel for the mower I accidentally ripped the ear pieces out. If this was available, I would have been able to listen to music without interruption. Nice idea!

  3. I think its one of the coolest ideas i have heard of, recently.I would really like to buy one such head band.

  4. i360 Music Infused Headband SPORT…Hope I could buy this. How much does this gadget cost???

  5. Now that is a genial idea! And it’s not only the ear buds you don’t have to worry anymore, you also get rid of the wires, and you don’t have to search for a good place to put your iPod in, and not worry for it to fall out.

  6. I love my i360 Headband!!!! I have gotten so many looks and compliments while I wear it as I warm up before my soccer games, and working out. Music always helps me get into my grove . Best thing about it, NO WIRES!!! Can’t wait to get the Beanie for snowboarding season! Best invention by far!

  7. Maybe I should get a pair so I can stop hitting my neighbors on the treadmills with my ear buds.

  8. The product costs $39.95 and it’s available here

  9. This is great. I need one of these. No more wires to get hung and rip the earbuds out of my ears.

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