Must Have Travel Apps For IPhone Users

Some of the finest travel apps for your iPhone 5 are:

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Google Maps

This particular app will give you a complete picture of the where you are, where you are heading to, and the possible routes available to reach your desired destinations. In order to run this application, you need to have a reliable internet connection on your mobile phone. Although a few have criticized this app in the past, it is still one of the best to have on your mobile phone while traveling. All you need to do it go to Google maps and get all the information you want.


Since this app is meant only for iOS6, you can upgrade your devices with the new firmware and download Passbook. It is designed perfectly for those who travel frequently. It helps in maintaining up-to-date information, especially on all the travel paperwork like boarding pass details, ticket related information, etc. It helps you keep a track of every detail in the electronic format.


This app assists you in accessing all kinds of details on the airports from across the world. Before you start your journey, you could use it to get all the travel information like airport services, ticket confirmation, dinner places close by, and others. This is a online software.

Help Call

While you want your holidays to be fun, you cannot ignore the fact that unexpected emergencies and accidents can happen anytime. Help Call app hardly costs you anything to have on your iPhone. It will provide you with emergency contact numbers, irrespective of where you are. The best feature of Help Call is that you can set any contact numbers of fire department, police, ambulance, or your friend to be dialed when you shake your phone a little. This will be useful when you are hurt, or if you are not in a position to move.

Best Parking

Best Parking will help you save money if you are planning a vacation or a business tour to the US. You can quickly browse through the parking areas at a specific location. Tourists often find it difficult to park their cars while traveling in a new city. With the help of this app, you can check out parking lots in San Francisco without any delays.


All those who wish to plan a road trip may want to download this app on their iPhone. It is available for free, and is one of the best apps for the travelers. You will get everything that you want such as music, entertainment, business information, story, history, etc.


This is a very popular mobile app for travelers, as it provides you with all the essential details. With the help of TripAdvisor, you can find information on hotel bookings, clubs, and restaurants, including flights details. You can even select your favorite holiday spot and save it. All you need is a good internet connection to use this app.
Make your trip a memorable and safe experience by downloading these user-friendly apps on your iPhone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great travel apps Dan! I travel a lot for my job at DISH and have never heard of these apps before, so I’ll definitely make sure to check them out soon! One of my favorite apps to have on any trip I take is DISH Anywhere because it lets me watch all of my shows from home, live or recorded, everywhere I go in the world! It’s great to have during flight delays and such, but really as a TV lover, I just enjoy the fact that I can use it to keep up with my shows even when I’m stuck across the country on business.

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