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Must-know Samsung Galaxy S III Tips

If you’re the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S III but need some tips to get the most out of your phone, read on to know more about it:


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Home Screen Panels and Folders: You can customize, re-size and rearrange them as you want. You can have 7 different panels for your home screen and delete those you don’t like.

  • Tap the Menu button and select Edit, drag and drop the home screen panel that you want to delete into the trash bin at the bottom. To add a new one, tap on the + sign in the lower right corner.
  • To set a panel as your main panel, tap the house icon in the top right corner of the panel. Swipe sideways to navigate between panels; you can also tap on the line of dots seen right above your tray of fixed apps. To go directly to a particular panel, tap on the corresponding dot. To come back to your main home panel, just tap on the main home button.
  • To create folders for the panels, tap the Menu button and select Create Folder. A blank nameless folder will be displayed on the panel. It can be named by tapping it.
  • To populate the folder you can drag and drop apps into it.

Quick Launch Search: To quickly access a search function that searches your device in addition to the Web, tap and hold the menu key till the search bar appears. You can now type what you’re searching for.

Customize app drawer: Click the Apps icon in the fixed app tray at the bottom to access the drawer and to customize it, tap the Menu key. You can configure it to sort the apps in alphabetical list or grid format, or you can just do it any way you want. After you have tapped the Menu button, select the setting from the View Type tab.

You also have options for viewing all the apps that you downloaded, quickly uninstalling multiple apps simultaneously and sharing apps. You just need to select the right options from the App Drawer menu.

Power Saving and Battery Use: To maximize your battery life, enable the Power saving mode and activate the battery percentage indicator. This will tell you how much battery has been consumed and how much left. You can set these in Device settings.

Screen Shots: Sliding your hand across the screen and simultaneously tapping and holding the Home and Power buttons are two ways in which you can take a screen shot.

S Voice quick launch: First enable S voice in Device settings. To launch it quickly, you just have to tap the home button twice, you can search the web and get navigational directions by speaking into the phone.

Pop up Player for Video: This feature allows you to watch videos without closing the other tasks you’re doing, like reading a text or email. To use it, you only have to tap the Pop up Play icon below to minimize the clip and move it to the desired position.

App Switch & Task Manager: With the app switcher feature you can view all the apps that you’ve used recently, and toggle between them. Holding the Home button down for a few seconds will display the app switcher. When this is open, a Task Manger option is displayed at the bottom. Tapping this will give you info on the device, Ram storage on the memory card, the size of apps, active apps, and so on. You can close apps that may be causing your phone to slow down in the Active Apps tab.

Tap-to-Top: With this feature, you can quickly go to the top of your contact list or message from wherever you are, saving time you’d spend scrolling. All you’ve got to do is tap twice at the top of the S III.

Answer and end calls: In settings, go to Accessibility – Call Answering/Ending; select Home Key Answers Call and Power Key Ends calls boxes.

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