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Need stamps?

I write this post because I have searched for a stamp for personalizing some paper items – you can use stamps instead of having the paper printed. So to make a long story short I have searched for stamps until I got bored. So since I have done the research I throughout you may want to know what I learned about stamps because one day you may need one.

Notary Public Stamp

There are many uses of a stamp:

  • if you are sending urgent mails you could use a stamp with the word “urgent”
  • if your data are private you can use a “confidential” stamp
  • if you have your own business you can use stamps with images and apply it on your envelopes – you will have a better response rate
  • in a bar I the napkins were personalized by having a stamp with the bar name and logo in one corner.

Types of stamps

Notary public stamps normally contain the full legal name of the notary, the title Notary Public including the State, the commission number, and the date of expiration of the commission. The rubber stamp seal is the official sign for use on a paper document.

This type of stamps are used by notaries, but you can have one personalized for your own purposes.

The official notary embosser stamp serves many purposes. It is used almost every day.

This is also called “Not Your Grandpa’s Notary Seal Stamp”.

All this stamps have ink included and they are modern.

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  1. Stamps is very useful for small business. You can customize your stamp with many choices of text such as address stamp, date stamp, signature stamp, stock stamp and inspection stamp. You can pick the text that you need and you also can design the logo for the stamp. Thanks


  2. This looks like a good bit of stationary to have in your office cupboard…

    Definitely good if you want to personalise your letters and mail etc.

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