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Never Lose Your Keys Again

We are all bombarded by information every day, so it no wonder we forget where we put our thinks. On top of “I can’t find my stuff” are the keys.

This problem can be solved with a little gadget called Key Finder.

Key Finder

It has 2 parts one attached to the keys and a transmitter which will help you find your objects.

When you lose your keys a simple push of the button on the transmitter sends a signal looking for the key fob and your keys, which if within range will emit an audible beeping, as well as flashing light. Follow the signals to find your keys.

Key Finder main features:

  • Range of detection increased to approximately 40 metres (120feet)
  • Will locate keys in drawers, pockets, bags, under pillows, and any where else those pesky key goblins decide to hide them
  • Receiver will both beep and flash to guide you to your keys
  • Pricing and availability

    The Key Finder is an inexpensive gadget. It costs only £14.95 and you can purchase it from Gadgets.co.uk.

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