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New for 2010 from Sony ultra-compact camera with interchangeable lenses and APS-C sensor

Sony is preparing for 2010 a new ultra-compact camera with interchangeable lenses and APS-C sensor.

 Sony new ultra-compact camera2  Sony new ultra-compact camera4

The new camera features a newly-developed Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. It will also support HD video recording using the efficient AVCHD format. Shown in mock-up form alongside the compact, easy-to-use new camera is a selection of compatible interchangeable lenses.

The new lenses are still in development including Distagon T* 24mm f/2 ZA SSM 24mm, new Carl Zeiss wide angle lens and Super Telephoto 500mm f/4 G Lens.

I will come back with more details when the cameras and the lenses will be available on the market.

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  1. I think that is a sweet camera. I’m actually about to get my personal one that is why I am scouting for options such as these.

  2. Wow!! Beautiful looks, it has really great features. Sony always has great job and their products design really attractive and quality is also best and not too much high price. Thanks for sharing.

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    Good looking and have more features cameras.

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    This is the future of cameras, this will be useful on pretty large scale in near future. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. One of the best digital cameras is made by the company of Sony. They had created different versions and features of digital camera. This new Sony is really a good one but it is more expensive compared to other versions.

  6. The latest digital camera that was made by the company of Sony is another genius invention because of its great features.

  7. With this interchangeable lenses, majority of the people would like to have this digital camera because of its unique features.

  8. Wow, such an amazing camera. Here we are now in 2012 and this is not outdated yet.

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