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New gadget form Heineken the draught keg

The newest gadget form Heineken is the draught keg.

Heineken Draught Keg keeps the beer cold and lets you enjoy the great beer taste of a Heineken draught.


The DraughtKeg must be placed in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours in order to ensure that the temperature of the beer in the keg is just perfect.

The draught keg official site offers details about how this gadget works and where you can get one. If you want this beer gadget you can use the store locator.

The gadget is an environmentally-friendly product: the packaging is 100% recyclable and just one package holds 5 liters of beer.

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  1. And it doubles up as a big money box afterwards too 🙂

  2. Got one for christmas this year, so will go down well!

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