New hi-tech surveillance camera gadget

Keep your eye on your precious stuff with this new, hi-tech surveillance camera gadget.

The camera is fully controllable by the handset which has a 2.5 TFT LCD colour screen. With the handset you can rotate the camera vertically and horizontally.

The hi tech camera has audio capabilities! Not only You will se images but you can also hear what is happening. Other cool feature: infra-red night-vision which automatically switches on when the light isn’t good enough for normal recording.

You may also connect the camera to a TV if you require a bigger picture.

The RC Surveillance Cam Pan And Tilt cost 119.95 at shop.

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  1. I wish they would had these when my kids were younger. We were always truding up the stirs for the littlest noise on the baby monitor!

  2. Coool gadget..

    Don’t think it is high in cost when seen in accordance with its feature!

  3. Brilliant, brilliant gadget. I too wish they had them when my kids were younger – nice touch putting a photo of a baby in there.

  4. Now that is what I call a baby monitor! The infrared is great for at night. The baby won’t be able to actually see the invisible light spectrum.

  5. With all the stories about the nanny this is one great product to have a must for every mother. Brilliant

    Safe & Secure

  6. Very interesting camera. I think the demand for the nanny cams will be growing for next years.

    We see alreay a huge grow of demand of home video surveillance, especially made with network cameras.

    And many people install home cameras themself:

  7. I love gadgets and this looks like another one for me to add to my collection. JUst have to think of a good reason to give the wife.

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