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Newest Technologies in Cars Making Today’s Roads Safer

Technology has taken over many aspects of modern living, and cars are no exception. Most of the new features are focused on safety to prevent auto accidents. These efforts have been experiencing considerable success, according to an auto accident attorney in Denver. Here are some of the recent advances in automotive technology that are making our roads safer:

No Mirrors

This sounds more dangerous than sensible, but removing old-fashioned mirrors and replacing them with wide-angle monitors increases the view for the driver. The monitors utilize several cameras that capture all activity around the vehicle, including blind spots. This technology is already in place in Japan, and Europe is planning to add it soon.

Heads-Up Display

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Once considered science fiction, heads-up displays are now standard in high-end vehicles. Technologies such as Navdy Car HUD and Carloudy displays the car’s speed and other important data in a hologram at the bottom of the windshield. This allows drivers to avoid looking down as even a tiny glance away from the road can lead to auto accidents.

Control by Gesture

Simply reaching over to adjust the radio or air conditioning is a large safety hazard. This issue is eliminated through the use of a small camera placed in the driver’s console. The camera captures the driver’s movements and tells the vehicle’s system what action to take. The driver no longer needs to fiddle with buttons and will be able to keep an eye on the road ahead.

Auto Pilot

Currently undergoing testing, auto pilot for cars will soon be a reality. This technology works by controlling speed, stops and lane changes. It also helps with lane control. Auto pilot is a safety feature that aids a driver by keeping a vehicle out of harm’s way during moments of inattention or emergency. Currently, this tech is still in beta and requires that drivers keep their hands on the wheel while in use.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras are a military technology that is used in night-vision goggles. In vehicles, it is used to improve a driver’s vision at night. Animals and humans are often hard to see after dark, and infrared cameras will detect a heat signature to give a driver time to stop and avoid a collision. Deer are the leading cause of nighttime accidents, and this tech will save their lives as well.

Today’s cars are becoming extremely advanced. This will eventually result in fewer auto accidents in the future. Until vehicles are completely automated, drivers will still need their skills and reflexes in combination with technology to stay safe.

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