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Nokia phones history

I just found a great Nokia history phones picture. Enjoy.

See the whole image http://www.newlaunches.com/entry_images/1107/12/nokia_timeline.php.

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  1. I used to totally be a Nokia fan when their menu systems were universal across their whole range. But now I find them a little complicated to use so I’ve switched to Sony Ericsson which I find much more user friendly.

  2. I always buy Nokia phones. now is the third.
    I have been 7210 6100 and now 6290

  3. Buying a mobile phone says:

    Yeah, it was very annoying when they stopped using the universal menus. Change isn’t always good!

  4. Rolf Kunst says:

    Nice picture,
    My phone history lists most Nokia phones, eg 3210, 6310i, 6230i, N73 and now the N97.

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