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Omni Massage Roller

Omni Massage Roller

You’ve probably noticed that the shops are stuffed with a panoply of massage rollers. There are wooden ones in the shapes of crocodiles, plastic ones that look like dolphins on steroids, and metal ones that appear to have once belonged to a dentist. All of them kind of work, but most of the work is being done by the poor sod giving the massage. Well, that’s all over.

The Omni Massage Roller is an utter joy to use, and simply heaven on aching muscles. Its unique design makes it the most flexible rolling massager we’ve ever seen. The smooth rolling ball is effective through clothes as well as directly onto the skin, so you don’t have to strip off at the office when you’re in need of some instant stress relief. And joy of joy – it’s water-proof, so now you can leap into the bath (or Jacuzzi/hot tub if you’re very lucky) and massage away. You can use it as it is, or with creams and massage oil, and with no internal parts, it won’t wear out or jam (unlike so many others). Even a completely inept massager can give a great massage with this gizmo, so there are no more excuses! Oh, and you just HAVE to try this on the soles of your feet, it’s awesome.

You can have this for £9.95 – Approx USD $17.91 / €14.73

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  1. Looks really good except that you can’t do it yourself. I know that’s the point of a massage, but if you need it and no one else is around, you’re out of luck.

  2. The Omni Roller is a fantastic product. Not only does it look really cool, the massage from the product is the best that I have had outside of paying through the nose for a spa massage. It really helps anyone of any ability to give a wonderful massage with minimum effort. It removes knots in muscles much quicker than fingers and thumbs an with a lot more comfort. Massage can be quite strenuous taking its toll on your hands. People who are not trained massage therapists get fatigue in thei hands quite easily. The Omni Massage Roller allows you to give a lond deep and consistant massage with minimum effort. What more you dont need to plug it in and there is no need for batteries. So you can take the Omni Massage Roller any where and use it. You can use it on your self on the areas that you can reach, but massage is so much better if you dont have to do it your self. So you should get a freind or a member of the family to give you a massage whilst you relax. say buy one if you dont own one…

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