Online Backup

Although hard drives are reliable and they are damaged rarely sometimes it may happen to loose all your precious data.

To avoid this the best option is to get an online backup service. The main advantages are that your data will be protected and you can access it from everywhere.

However there can be one huge disadvantage to online backups.  In the last years some servers were successfully attacked by hackers and the users data were stolen. To be sure you are not a victim of data theft use a reliable supplier which uses serious security measures. The webpage Online Backup Sites has a top with the best online backup suppliers.

Also when using an online backup service be sure to use a strong password. It is best to avoid using a name or a word because these can be guessed or discovered in a brute force dictionary attack. Include in your password lower and upper case and symbols. The password should be at least 8 characters long.

And do not use the same password on multiple sites because if a hacker will manage to hack one site and get your password he can use it on all other sites and get access to all your information.

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