Online Project Management Software

Online project management software provides a perfect way to manage your project. An online project management software might be accessed via an intranet or WAN/LAN by means of an online browser. No additional software is required to be installed on the system. Access to control features makes it eat to use this software. This software can be used for different projects such as bug-tracking, calendar, email notifications, chart, Gantt among others.

Online project management software suite

The perfect project management software must work with your current technologies, for example Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Sales force, SharePoint, Oracle, Net suite, CRM and SAP ERM, both out-of-the-box as well as through advanced programming interfaces. The top 10 online project management software include: Condendi, redmine; ProjectPier; trac; Project HQ; Collabtive; eGroupWare; KForge; OpenGoo; and ClockingIT.

Online project management software also provides tools such as request, resource, asset, financial statement, task and risk-management, for scheduling, organizing as well as managing your resources to attain project goals and objectives. The resource tool helps in allocating resources to every project to generate unique project teams.

This type of software helps you to examine the status of your assignments online. It also helps you create plus share policy with your colleagues. Furthermore, it offers means for teams to collaborate as well as ways for customers to view reports plus statuses. It also offers several hosting alternatives to enable IT managers to decide how they would like to install the software.

The use of online project management software can result to as much as a 30% rise in production. It is imperative to use this software as it helps you keep track of your entire project in one place as well as finish them effectively on time. The project tracking tool shows the status of your task, your progress against plan plus the total used to date. Hence, it helps you check if your task is on track.

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