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Original Airglider 40 Model Glider Plane

Original Airglider 40 Model Glider Plane

With wings made of extra strong rip-stop fabric and a fiberglass and carbon composite frame, these gliders are robust and more durable than conventional models. With their graceful lines and delicate aerobatic maneuvers they offer a feast for the eyes while they soar through the sky. The Airgliders offer the flyer many alternatives to experiment with the flight experience. You are encouraged to add or subtract ballast and adjust the wings to alter the flight characteristics.The real fun begins as you try different methods of propelling the Airglider. A spectacular and dynamic ?Ground Launch? is achieved by using a rubber band, whereas the ?Side Arm Launch? looks very agile. This new launching technique lets you catapult our largest Airglider in the air like a discus. Our Airgliders perform best in no or light winds.

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