ORION Isothermic Travel Mug is not a hi tech gadget but useful

I have blogged so much about the newest hi tech gadgets I almost forgot about the useful ones.

You see a gadget should not always be glamorous or hi tech but it shod make your life easier.

And  ORION Isothermic Travel Mug does just that. It is a simple gadget which keeps your drinks hot as well as cold. I love this kind of gadgets: simple and efficient.

ORION Isothermic Travel Mug

ORION Isothermic Travel Mug Features:

  • Double wall insulation keeps drinks hot as well as cold
  • Fits most car cup-holders
  • Perfect for office or car
  • Modern, attractive colors
  • You can have up to 0.45 liter.

ORION Isothermic cost £15.90 and you can find it on Comet-accessories.co.uk.

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  1. I like the fact that it’s fairly big, almost half a liter. You can probably fit a decent portion of soup or chili in it.

  2. I just hate it when my hot drink turns cold all of sudden because my cup does not have a built in insulator. I think a lot of people would find this useful just for that nifty feature.

  3. cool, that is great gift for travelers.

  4. WOW!!! Its really cool product, and also useful for those who likes to drink chilled beer for a long hours.

  5. i like ORION Isothermic Travel Mug is not a hi tech gadget but useful

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