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Overview of Quality Management Software

In the world of software testing it is said that the bugs that are caught early in the cycle of development of a software are cheapest to fix and the bugs that are found in the production phase are costly to fix. So it is very important to plan the testing of the tools accordingly to create as little problems later in the process as possible.


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There are two basic purposes of quality assurance management software, firstly, is to guarantee that the software product that you are going to deliver, meets all the quality standards that are required for it to fulfill according to the project’s requirements. Secondly, that the product is delivered maintaining quality and keeping the cost as low as possible. So, while deciding on which testing tool to go for, you must keep these things in mind.

Quality assurance software testing requires a different kind of tool set as its nature of testing is different. Quality assurance tests the system for the specifications and requirements for which it has been defined, thus taking an approach of a "black box". There are two types of tools that can provide the Quality assurance testing: bug reporting and tracking tools and automated test tools.

You must analyze the requirements of your project depending on the goals, standards mentioned in the charter of the project and objectives of your project. You must know the requirements management software that you want. You must identify if there is any additional hardware or software costs that the testing tools may require. Finally while selecting testing tools you must know your requirements, you would need to create quality assurance reports too, so as to know the progress of the tests and also if you have to inform others of the progress, so that you can take correct actions when it is required during the testing period.

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