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Panasonic FOMA P903iX phone gadget

A new phone gadget will be launched by Panasonic: Panasonic FOMA P903iX.

Let’s see Panasonic FOMA P903iX.

The Panasonic P903iX has a 2.4-inch 260k color QVGA LCD display, a 0.9-inch external display, a 3.2 Megapixel camera with νMaicovicon, a 0.1 Megapixel external camera for video calls, Bluetooth with A2DP and a microSD card slot.

The phone supports even the Window Media Video playback and PDA viewing

FOMA P903iX measures 103mm× 51mm×25mm and weights 130g. It is available in Silver and Red.

Let see Panasonic FOMA P903iX phone gadget again.

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