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Personal Water Purifier

Personal Water Purifier

Traveling to far flung places is such an adventure, but dodgy tummies and fatal illnesses from contaminated water kills all the fun. The Personal Water Purifier is a travelling essential for those venturing into the unknown. Pop this compact purifier’s inlet pipe into a handy water source and start pumping the pump. Water will start to flow out of a side pipe and after 2 minutes, the water will be disinfected, filtered and free from any nasties. This nifty little contraption is endorsed by Ray Mears and if there’s a man who knows about survival in the wilds, it’s him. Wherever you are in the world, you can get up to 50 litres of clean water with this brilliant little purifying pump, more than enough to keep you hydrated – don’t leave civilization without it!

You can have this for £19.95 – Approx USD $35.91 / €29.5

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