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Photo frames reviews

Photo frames are in fashion. They have great advantages:

  • you can use the same frame to see hundreds of pictures
  • you can delete the pictures you don’t want anymore
  • they look good in every home or office
  • they have the slide show feature


I have presented some digital photo frames in the past on Gadgets Club, but Gadgets Club is a general gadgets related blog and it is not specialized in reviewing photo frames.

Since some of you have emailed me about photo frames reviews I have search a little and I have found a great site about digital picture frame reviews.

It is a blog dedicated on reviewing digital photo frames. It is wise to read it because they actually test the frames and you can learn a lot just be having a look.

The post that impressed me was 32″ Digital Picture Frame is a Waste of $840. A good post to read before buying a 32 inch photo frame.

So before buying one read some digital picture frame reviews and you can save some time and some money.

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