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POOPIN Santa and his Reindeer

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Picture this…  Christmas morning.  The family is gathered around the Christmas tree.  The looks of glee on the faces of your family as they pull a pooping Santa (pooping Reindeer) out of their stocking.  These are the memories that last forever.

Don’t deny this magic moment to your family. This is a Christmas memory that will be passed on for generations to come.

Push Santa’s (Reindeer’s) head… and he poops yummy candy

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  1. Now there’s something you don’t think about often: pooping Santa and pooping reindeer. I wonder if Santa uses, WITHOUT PERMISSION (after all, what’s he going to do, wake people up in the middle of the night to ask permission — that would really piss people off, wouldn’t it), the bathrooms in some of the homes he visits? I mean, it’s a long ride. He’s got to go sometime.

    And the reindeer. Does Santa do his civic duty and scoop up their droppings or does he just leave them wear they lie for the good citizens to step in and mess up their shoes and boots?

    It sort of changes your whole perspective on Santa and his reindeer, doesn’t it?

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