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PRIE Tunetag Nano B/R For iPod Nano 1G

PRIE Tunetag Nano B/R For iPod Nano 1G

PRIE TUNETAG I.D. is an ID tag style genuine leather case for iPod nano. PRIE TUNETAG I.D. has a neck strap which can be used to hang PRIE TUNETAG I.D. with your iPod nano around your neck in ID tag style.

Also there is extremely durable removable hook as PRIE Ambassador series. which you can attach your iPod to a belt loop on your jeans or to your backpack strap and carry it around anytime, anywhere.

PRIE TUNETAG I.D. is made from smooth ultra high quality genuine nappa leather. There is a transparent vinyl sheet which covers and protects both the iPod screen and click wheel from dirt and scratching, giving the face of the iPod nano complete protection from outside elements, yet still allows for perfect control of the click wheel and full view of the screen. There are also card slots inside to fit credit cards, business cards, Train passes and more.Only compatible with iPod Nano 1st Generation NOT 2nd Generation

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