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Protect the environment with the help of Eco mugs

This post is less about gadgets and more bout ecology and earth protection.

Every day 4 million cups of coffee are served in Styrofoam or paper cups and end up in landfills across the US. Even paper cups may seem biodegradable, but the conventional coating on hot cups prevents them from even being compostable.

Reports show that only 5 % of the plastic in the world is recycled, and styrofoam takes 200 years to decompose.

It is the time to do something and stop the Styrofoam and paper cup use in your office.

The eco mugs could be the solution for a better environment.

eco mug

What is Eco-Mug?

It is a large 15oz lead-free original ecomug imprinted using toxic free inks. It protects environment and you can branded with your logo.

Ecomugs are an economical solution for disposable coffee cups and water bottles in your office

Se in the image below what garbage does to nature.

The price of ecomugs

Right now you buy one mug and get one for free. The price for on is $15.95 and they are available at Ecomugs.com.

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  1. Good idea… I think paper beats styrofoam in eco friendliness even if it has a wax or otherwise water repellent coating.

  2. So much better than day after day of throwing away multiple starbucks cups. I have a designated mobile cup and office mug. No more disposable cups.

  3. We would all do well to stop drinking bottled water. Plastics will be the end of us.

  4. Here in Australia, rebates are offered for people using solar water systems. I think these are great initiatives for people to shift to eco friendly systems.

    – Patrick

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