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Pterosaur RC Dinosaur

Pterosaur RC Dinosaur

Dinosaurs in their myriad of shapes and sizes popped their clogs long before we humans came on the scene, which is just as well, seeing as we’d have been wiped out as fast as a plate of tasty hors d’oeuvres at a hungry lizard party. We are nevertheless besotted with those behemoths, probably because they ruled the world for so long, and as such dinosaurs have become our palaeontological pop stars. They’re cool, there’s no two ways about it, dinosaurs are just plain cool. So when we came upon an R/C dinosaur that flew, well, you can imagine.

The Pterosaur, complete with silent p, is the very first Triassic flying machine. Flapping its wings, just as we would imagine any demented flying lizard is wont to do, the Pterosaur swoops, glides, turns, dives and makes passers by run screaming back to their caves. It charges up directly from the remote control handset, has a flight time of about 10 minutes per charge, and an astonishing range of up to 100ft. Flight control is remarkably easy, turning it left and right is a doddle, it has a super tough foam body, and its little eyes glow a devilish red as it flies. We’re fairly sure that this isn’t a true reflection of the real thing, but it does make it look mean and funky. Do be warned that when flying this in the park, whilst you will be having a great time, you may well make pigeons paranoid, and small children cry. Yes, it’s that much fun.

You can have this for £29.95 – Approx USD $53.91 / €44.33

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