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Raised Aerobed

Raised Aerobed

Staying with friends, or having friends to stay, can be great fun. Sadly we’re not all sufficiently loaded to be able to put them up in the East Wing, and often the thought of sleeping on someone’s sofa, or worse, on one of those excruciatingly uncomfortable fold-out beds, is anything but inviting. The unimaginatively named Raised Aerobed completely changes all that. No more cushions on the floor or curling up with the dog, this plug and play wonder gives you a full size, proper height, deeply comfortable double bed in three minutes. Just whip it out of its storage bag, plug in the integral pump, and in three minutes you’ve got a bed so brilliant you’ll want to sleep in it instead of your guests. Not only is the firmness adjustable by remote control (which is rather fun to play with when you’re lying in bed), it also comes with a fleecy cover and valance, making it the perfect portable spare bedroom – and the whole thing deflates in just one minute ready to be packed away! Whether you’re using it at home, taking it on holiday with you – or even taking it to a friend’s house as a not so subtle hint that their beds are uncomfortable, the Raised Aerobed will soon become indispensable. It’s quick, it’s convenient, it’s a delight to sleep on, and it’s a great deal cheaper than building an extension – sweet dreams!

You can have this for £139.00 -Approx USD $250.2 / €205.72

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