Recommended travel gadget the Talking Language voice Translator

Talking Language voice Translator is a must have travel gadget. It can vocally translate words in twelve languages. Cool isn’t it?

Talking Language voice Translator

With Talking Language voice Translator is easy to make yourself understood in a different language. This clever pocket-sized device will be invaluable as it allows you to select what you want to say, and it’ll read it out in one of twelve languages.

You can make yourself understood in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Portuguese.

Talking Language voice Translator knows 705 commonly used phrases of each language fro this categories:

  • General Speech
  • Emergency & Medicine
  • Entertainment & Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Directions & Immigration
  • Restaurants
  • Transport and Hotel

The Talking Language voice Translator cost £39.99(aprox. $57.19) and it is available at

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    That could be very useful on vacation or for anyone who needs to travel a lot. Too bad there is only 12 languages on it though, I wonder if its because the device didn’t have enough storage for any more or what.

  2. Nice little gadget. It won’t long until you can get one of these that actually translates what somebody is saying, now that would be cool!


  3. i welcome the new gadget, it looks cool and i think it will be useful,because i am using gadgets,

  4. It’s an excellent idea. It could really make the difference between being unwilling to travel in a certain area or not. As I have experienced a few times, it can be intimidating to be in a country and have the feeling that one cannot communicate at all. With 705 phrases, this probably covers the basics.

  5. That looks pretty cool, I could have done with something like on my travels through Asia. I do wonder how well it can pick up and translate different english accents, as I have an Aussie accent and I wonder if it is tailored to America accents. Either way it looks pretty cool. I think a cool plug in for a blog would be voice recognition comments!!


  6. the new gadget is looking nice i love to have on my blog.

  7. the gadget looks cool i would like to try out for my blog

  8. The gadget is very nice,very advanced i would like to have for my blog

  9. China’s industry

    cool gadgets with excellent idea thanks for updating it

  10. I am from krabi, Thailand, i really like this language translator device too much. It’s looking very nice and may be helpful in vacations specially,

  11. While we’re discussing the Travel gadets to translate languages – Recommended travel gadget the Talking Language voice Translator matter, Translation process typically begins with text translation by a professional translator, followed by quality assurance process which is typically done through proofreading and editing by an independent editor. However, not all translation providers follow these steps. Hence, the translation quality may be compromised.

  12. Nice gadget, someone have try it?

  13. It seems like really interesting gadget, twelve language is a big thing being installed. I think it becomes really easy for tourist to move to explore other places without any further guides to hire.

  14. Really nice idea and thanks for sharing this great travel gadget for language translator. It looking cool and will be too helpful during for me in my next December holidays tour.

  15. If only I had that on my trip to Spain 😀

  16. What do you mean whit this ? can u give me an example? Thanks and hope to hear from you…

  17. Awesome gadget, thanks for review

  18. Simply a awesome piece of gadget. Really a helpful companion during the traveling. I wish to have it. Thanks for sharing it.

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