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Try to imagine a cross between some manic robot from Starship Troopers and robot No 5 from that strange film in the eighties whose name escapes me, and your halfway to getting what Roboquad is about. More fun than a puppy, and considerably cheaper and less messy, this nutty bot has more personality than a reality TV contestant (admittedly that’s not much of a challenge) and dances better than pretty well anyone over the age of 30.

This daft quadruped has multi-articulated legs that enable him to dash about in a thoroughly engaging way, avoiding obstacles and reacting to sound. He has three programmable personalities, 72 pre-programmed functions, 40 programmable moves, and has an infrared scanner vision system which assesses distance and obstacles.

His internal sound system blasts out a series of bizarre noises, as well as music which he dances to, accompanied by multi-colored flashing lights, and of course, unlike a puppy, he comes with a remote control unit so you can stop him running off down the stairs dragging loo paper all over the house. All in all he’s the perfect, fully interactive pre-programmed pet.

You can have this for £79.95

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