SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 2 GB USB Flash Pen Drive


SanDisk manufactures innovative and right memory products. Wonder more people to choose SanDisk USB drives for its quality and simple design. This Cruzer Titanium has more features.

Features and Specifications

The San Disk Cruzer is a smart, rocky and fast USB flash drive. It is rugged with Liquid metal body and unique with blue LED. Cruzer Titanium uses U3 smart technology and the latest UFD technology in cruzer titanium flash drive. This technology supports to carry the files, data and software in a secure USB drive. It is consistent that you can prefer your favourite screen savers, desktop icons and many more on any PC. It is easy to transfer pictures, documents, Mp3 files, Video clips and software to another PC with a USB port. Little, stylish and compact size fits in any pocket, handbag and on any key chain.

This USB Pen drive has a crush resistant force that exceeds 2000lbs. The read and write performance of the SanDisk has a lighting speed of up to 15MB/s read speed and 9MB/s write speed. The Flash drive is connected with retractable USB port and removes the cover caps. San disk supports skype completely on all Cruzer titanium and Cruzer Micro flash drives and additionally easy to make video and voice calls from PC to PC anywhere in the world. Cruzer synchronises password manager for skype and making calls. It is also loaded with Avast anti virus software. The other special feature, Laser etched graphics and finish.

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB USB pen drive has a capacity of 2GB with USB mass storage class device. It is certified with Windows 2000 and XP. The dimension measures 7.14mm in depth, 19.05mm in Width and 57.94mm in length. This package comes with Cruzer titanium, cross sell sheet and skype card.

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  1. Cannot figure out whats exceptional in that…although looks classy in design..

  2. I have an 8GB cruzer , I use it a lot and on some computers it has problems with the interface

  3. Increase Metabolism

    2GB is kinda small nowadays although I’ll admit it does look pretty sleek.

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