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ScoopWeb – Get Latest News and Information from Reliable Sources

Internet provides us with a large sea of information. The information provided is very vast, so, it also provides us with tools that filter this large pool of information and provide us with a version that is concise and relevant. ScoopWeb is a great example of this as it provides a huge amount of organized information from various sources, about the term that is searched.


It is a web application, which takes into account more than 500 mainstream (BBC, CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg etc) and local(Detroit News, LA Times etc) sources of news, images, videos, web links etc, while providing the freshest information about the searched topic.

Users can search for a topic, person, brand or place and be presented with a perfectly distilled list of news articles on that subject. ScoopWeb doesn’t just search large, well known news outlets. It also scours more obscure, localized sources for relevant information.

ScoopWeb works in real time, which means that it is useful not only as a searchable archive of news, but also as a constantly updating way to digest ongoing events.

Registration on the website is not required. You just have to type the subject you want to search about, and results will be shown to you filtered by the type of media.

The home page has categories that help us in getting the most popular news from different category, the trending topics at that time and the most recent searches made by people.

Eg: News for Windows 8 : http://www.scoopweb.com/Windows_8
News for Kobe Bryant : http://www.scoopweb.com/Kobe_Bryant

Visit http://www.scoopweb.com to find out more.

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