Shared or dedicated hosting?

From what I’ve seen many people don’t know the difference between shared hosting and dedicated accounts.

This post will be a short web hosting guide written especially for beginners.


Shared hosting

Shared hosting means you get the right to use the same server with other people. You don’t have your own server but you get hosting for your domains.

Shared hosting advantages:

  • Super easy to set up. The shared accounts are very easy to use: they came with control panels from where you can configure everything. And if you don’t know something you will find free training plus you have 24h support.
  • Minimal investment. Shared means cheap web hosting. There are plenty of good services that will charge you less than $10/month. And you can host multiple domains. I use a $7.99 per month plan to keep over 50 niche sites.
  • Maximum learning opportunity. If you are a total beginner a shared account is great because you will learn a lot about hosting and domain management.

Dedicated server

Dedicated web servers are the cream of the crop in the web hosting industry, as there are no other solutions that provide the same amount of server power.

The dedicated servers are for powerful sites only. If you have a niche site with 50.000 unique visitors per month a shared account is enough.

However if you have a content rich site or if you get thousands and thousand of visitors each day then the dedicated server is the best solution.

Dedicated server advantages:

  • Control. You have total control over the hole server, If you have the knowledge you can configure the server the way you want.
  • It is easy to use. Most hosting providers will manage your server for you.
  • Power. You use maximum computing power. You don’t share the server resources with no one. All the power will be used for your site or sites.

What to choose

Firs you may want to read the best web hosting awards and to find some forums with web hosting users.

Choosing between shared hosting and dedicated server is not difficult. If you have a simple site with a decent amount of traffic go for a shared account (choose a company which offers dedicated servers as well so if you will need a server all you will have to do is to upgrade and move to the new account).

Chose a dedicated server if your site or sites need lots of resources. 

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  1. Great post on shared hosting and dedicated servers. This can all be a bit tricky to understand if you’re a beginner but this was informative and user friendly.Thanks!

  2. What hosting company are you using for your blog?

  3. Thanks for this post. Web Hosting can be quite hard to choose if you’re looking for a new web host. It could also be difficult even when you do have a hosting company as problems can still happen in the future, such as with uptime issues or customer support issues. That is why choosing the right hosting company is important, so you don’t face issues in the future.

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