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Over the past couple of years, many people have embraced the idea of online shopping. Internet shopping is gradually replacing traditional shopping which requires one to be physically present at the point of purchase as opposed to doing your shopping without having to move from your house of place of work. Most of the products purchased through traditional shopping can be bought online, ranging from clothing, vehicles, phones, livestock weight scales, health supplements, jewelry and many others. Both Internet shopping and traditional shopping have their own advantages and disadvantages however internet shopping technologies advantages outweigh traditional shopping and have greatly enhanced the lives of consumers.

Some of the key benefits of shopping online include the ability to access services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing you to do your shopping at your own convenient time hassle free and without having to queue. Online shopping technology has also enabled users to easily find products online and worldwide and select from a number of suppliers which product suits you best in terms of price, specific features and quality without having to go to the different stores to window shop and compare prices. This has helped many consumers in making wise shopping decisions because one can chat with other product users online as well as access customer reviews before settling on a particular product. In traditional shopping one would have to rely on the sales man or shop attendant who is most likely to market their products in order to make a sale. Online technology ensures you do not have to go through this.

Some consumers on the other hand feel that their private information is not protected and security not guaranteed when shopping online due to the cases of credit card fraud and use of the customer information for other purposes. When using traditional shopping one does not have to release their credit card information. Through online shopping one is not able to physically see, feel or test the products, as compared with traditional shopping but the convenience, energy utilized, research, selection and savings related to traditional shopping such as parking, fuel and time taken, online shopping definitely remains a better option and has enhanced and improved lives of the users who use the online shopping technology.

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