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Short Guide On Creating Email Templates In Salesforce

A lot of your energy will be saved when you save the best versions of your emails you write all the time. Therefore creating email templates are necessary when required specially when use Salesforce CRM. The email templates are particularly valuable when used in Salesforce. Here the templates are automatically integrated with the leads you have and are auto-logged in the CRM. These templates can also be shared team-wide in Salesforce CRM.

Creating email templates in Salesforce allows the managers to maintain the consistency of the highest performing email templates and the connect rate of the team is kept at better position for making sure that the right points are covered. It is also a great way to represent what is working and what is going on. So, let us go over the step by step process of creating email templates in Salesforce.

Steps on creating email templates in Salesforce

  • On the top right of your Salesforce account go to Setup.
  • From the second module select ‘Create or edit an email template’.
  • Click on ‘New Template’- Some publicly available templates may already be present under ‘Unified public email templates’ folder.
  • Select the type of template you are going to create. There are three options. Text, HTML (using letterhead) and custom (without using letterhead)

Now there are few additional steps in creating email templates in Salesforce. They are-

Select the folder- The Personal Email templates folder will only be accessible through the Salesforce account you have. Saving template you are creating in the Unified Email templates folder will allow it to represent across the company for use.

Give a description to the email template – The name you give to the template will help it to be easily located in future. If you feel necessary add a description and encode it to be in your timezone.

Add in your email content- Now you can add in your email content. Look for some email templates crafted by some experts.

Salesforce merge fields option- You can use Salesforce ID’s in the copy of templates such as Lead.Firstname. A series of merge fields are provided by the Salesforce so that you can automatically customize the templates based on the intelligence of your marketing team of yourself. Within Salesforce you can select the field type, choose the resulting field from the dropdown menu and then copy the value of the resulting merge field to your email.

These were the simple steps on creating email templates in Salesforce. The email templates are really useful for your work through the Salesforce since it saves a lot of time of yours which is spent in repetitive works.

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