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Significantly Improve Your Livelihood With Technology

There are almost as many operational computers in the world as there are human beings and thanks to the internet (which is now faster and more reliable than ever thanks to more affordable and widely available ADSL Broadband), almost all of them are connected. With such a vast and constantly evolving framework of communication to work in, is it any wonder that there are barely any businesses left in the worldwide marketplaces that don’t use a computer in their day-to-day activities? Most businesses will also have some semblance of an online presence; even local businesses that might not ever see custom from ‘outsiders’ will most likely still have at least a Facebook page. Businesses around the globe rely on their computer systems to essentially help run their businesses for them and without the experienced professionals behind these systems, many of the world’s most valuable corporations would collapse overnight. As such, it’s no small wonder that there are more potential candidates signing up for Information Technology courses at colleges and universities across the globe than ever before.

If you’re currently considering a career in Information Technology (or IT for short) or are considering undertaking an IT course to further your career prospects then read on. Below we’ve attempted to underline just why it is one of the most valuable qualifications in the world. We will also examine how flexible an IT qualification can be.


It is now possible to buy a computer more powerful than the ones that sent Apollo 11 into space for less than the price of a bad second hand car. Home computers are so powerful now that a whole small business could quite comfortably be run from a single laptop and these low costs mean that there are virtually no businesses left that are run ‘the traditional way’. A computer storage system (stored in server banks of varying sizes depending on the size of the company) will also cut out the need for physical document storage so less real estate space will be required. Fewer personnel will also be required as many aspects of a business could quite feasibly be managed by a single, computer literate individual. That individual could be you!


Any budding entrepreneur will need to be well versed in the fine arts of Information Technology. The internet is the most powerful marketplace on the planet and being able to expertly navigate it is a vital skill to have in 21st century business. With the internet your potential business could reach across the world with a little effort and the potential money making opportunities are endless. From freelance copywriting to selling items on eBay and from website designing to online stock trading, it’s all possible and it can all be managed from the comfort of your own home.

Small Businesses

IT courses are not just for those looking to go into the industry full-time. There is hundreds of less-intensive evening or online courses that are geared towards bringing technophobic individuals into the 21st century. If you (for example) are running a small, family owned business and have barely any idea how to negotiate your mobile phone let alone the internet, then you might want to take a beginners course that will help you get to grips with the first rung of the technological ladder. These courses will generally include modules such as ‘how to send and receive emails’, ‘how to get the most out of the internet’, ‘how to keep your computer free of viruses’ and so on and so forth. Whilst many might sneer at such courses, it’s important to remember that to the generations that came before, computers are still relatively ‘new’.

Due to the efficiency, cost and speed of the average modern computer systems, there will not be a major company in the world who doesn’t have their own IT department and even if you’re going into business for yourself, computer skills are more valuable now than they ever have been. So if you want to get ahead in the increasingly competitive business world then an IT course might very well be the answer that you never thought you needed!

Ian Appleton is a UK based freelance copywriter who is very well versed in IT thanks to the ITIL intermediate courses he took in his early twenties. And if he can do it then ANYONE surely can.

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