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Solar Phone And Digital Camera Charger Key Ring

I already have a solar charger but it is a little big so it is hard to get it with you everywhere (it fits in the pocket but you will get uncomfortable with it after a while) so having an ultra small key ring solar charger will be great.

Solar Phone or Digital Camera Charger Key Ring 

This Solar Phone or Digital Camera Charger Key Ring is the perfect little gadget of the future, keeping things green these days are a must as not only is this product great for the environment but it also doesn’t need replacement batteries.

This charger feeds from the suns energy so you will never get stuck in a nightmare situation with no mobile phone charger. 

Solar Phone or Digital Camera Charger Key Ring

  • In an emergency or during a power cut you can still charge your mobile phone or other digital product
  • Wherever you are this very convenient little charger can be used
  • The charger is also highly efficient, by charging for 60 minutes this can transfer energy from the built in battery to you mobile phone battery so that you can then talk up to 100-150 minutes
  • This charger is also environmentally friendly
  • Small modern and very portable
  • Safe to use as there is voltage protection of the circuit between the charger and your mobile phone

This little green gadget cost only £9.75 and it is available at A1gifts.co.uk.

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  1. Wow, I have been looking for just a product. you don;t know how many times i have forgotten to charge my mobile and then run out of battery the next day when i need to make some important tools. I have tried those emergency boost batts but they are use once and then throw away. It looks like with this you can keep using it.

  2. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing this great info with us. It has really outstanding futures and really perfect gadget. I buy them as a gift for my youngest brother’s birthday.

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  3. I am outdoors all the time and this type of device is perfect for my days out on safari.

  4. This are very good gadgets as they seem to be very efficient. Thanks for posting!

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