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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Try as one might, it’s really quite hard to arrange for a super-sonic plane to fly through your bedroom at the correct time every morning in order to get you out of bed. On reflection that’s probably a good thing, it would no doubt ruin your curtains and heaven knows what damage it would do to your carbon footprint. Fortunately air traffic control can breathe a sigh of relief as some nut has come up with a slightly more compact and yet equally effective alternative in the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock.

As its name might begin to suggest, this revolutionary reveille machine will wrench even the terminally hibernating from their slumber. Not only is it loud enough to wake the dead, but it also comes with a seemingly innocent attachment that you slip under your pillow or mattress, which will vibrate you out of your bed (sounds rather kinky) when the alarm goes off. So what with its flashing lights, staggeringly loud alarm and vibrating thingy, there’s really no way on earth you’re going to oversleep ever again – and it looks pretty darn cool too.

You can have this for £29.99

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  1. Cool clock.
    This is made for the ones who can’t get up from the bed by themselves

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