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Sony Ericsson’s new wireless, Bluetooth headset Review

I have received the HBH-IS800 several days ago and I have tested them.


HBH-IS800 are high-quality wireless audio to in-ear stereo headphones. You can use them to listen to music from every device which offers Bluetooth connectivity.

I have used the wireless HBH-IS800 headset to listen music form my mobile phone and of course I have used the device as a hands-free.

HBH-IS800 Features:

  • good sound quality for music and phone calls
  • extended range. I’ve gone 20 m away (in specs it says just 10m) from my phone and this gadget was still working
  • work with any Bluetooth audio device
  • if you like your music loud you will love this wireless audio to in-ear stereo headphones because they are very powerful



  • Listen to your mobile music without wires
  • Innovative – the smallest headset of it’s kind on the market
  • No complicated set up – just great music with clear and powerful stereo sound
  • Play / talk time up to 4 hours, standby time up to 270 hours
  • Supplied with a portable case & charger, which will also charge your handset

HBH-IS800 offer high-quality sound and the design is attractive.

Pricing and availability

Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Wireless Stereo HeadPhones cost $142.95 and they are available at Amazon.

My Images with Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800

 HBH-IS800-1 HBH-IS800-2

HBH-IS800-4 HBH-IS800-5

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  1. Great review! I am looking forward to buy one in the future. Thanks!

  2. Nice reviews !! Can we use sony Ericsson bluetooth headset with nokia or samsung phones?

  3. Wireless is better. It doesn’t tangle your throat. It is more cool I think.

  4. Nice product, a little pricey for headphones though. For some reason it seems like bluetooth isn’t as widely used as it should be, it’s great technology.

  5. @Wireless phones: Yes you can use it with every kind of phone which have Bluetooth. I’ve try it on an Nokia phone and works very well.

  6. Good reviews! I think is’ good.

  7. Dont get me wrong but I thought I saw wires?

  8. they seem great, but i’m not sure if they will survive with me… i have to buy a new one almost every month! it’s crazy… i’ll have to afford to get them! anyway, it’s a great post, thanks for the information!

  9. You gave detailed information about it. That’s cool! Thanks…

  10. Great little gadget! I wonder if all that power is good for the ear. Not that it will stop me from getting one.

  11. Great review! Well, good job for providing detailed information.

  12. A terrific review. These are very helpful. I agree with James. Wireless is better. It doesn’t tangle. Who wants the hassle of tangled phone cords?

  13. hi..!! the product of Sony Ericsson’s is always very reliable.thanks for giving the feature of wireless headset.thanks for sharing the tips about the product.

  14. Nice and impressive reviews all the collections are best and prices are affordable

  15. Boost your rank in search index

    Omg, i found them a little expensive. But they have a stunning high definition sound, as some friend has some similar headphones.

  16. I must be the only personthat cannot wear those. I have such a tiny ear that they fall 🙁

  17. Yah! I have used this. It has a brilliant look and sound system.

    Best Regards,

  18. Thanks for awesome post. very nice looks like, I will buy it soon.

  19. That?s Too nice, when it comes in india hope it can make a Rocking place for youngster.. hope that come true.

  20. yes,its very nice
    i like Sony ericsson

  21. What a beautiful product about Sony Ericsson’s new wireless, Bluetooth headset. However who requirements the get on your nerves of tangled touchtone phone cords? Thanks buddy! 🙂

  22. end user experience monitoring

    i think just sticking with regular ear buds work pretty well, but i have to admit, these kind will stay in your ears a lot better when doing some sort of activity…

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