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Sony MDR-NC13 Noise Cancelling Earphones Review

In the last 3 days I have tested Sony’s MDR-NC13 noise cancelling earphones.


I really like earphones because I live in a noisy town and having some good noise cancelling earphones can improve life quality. I prefer to walk and listen to music not the infernal noises coming from cars and annoying individuals.

Until now I’ve used the Atomic Floyd Mini Darts which have a great sound quality but after using them for more than an hour  the earphones became a little uncomfortable. From now on I will use the Sony MDR-NC13 because I have small ears and they are extremely comfortable and the sound quality is good.

Sony MDR-NC13 features:

  • 13.5mm driver unit, 100 hour battery life (AAA Alkaline), hybrid earbuds (S/M/L)
  • Reduces ambient noise by up to 87%
  • Incredible 100 hours listening time
  • Designed for wearing comfort

Sony MDR-NC13 review

The first thought I have when I saw the MDR-NC13 earphones was : “They don’t look to comfortable”. I was wrong. Actually the earphones are some of the most comfortable I’ve ever had.

Regarding the sound quality I must tell you that I;’m not an audiophile nor an audio devices maniac. These being said lets move to the Sony MDR-NC13 sound: the earphones sound is loud, clear and with enough bass power.

The MDR-NC13 best feature is noise cancelation. Sony did a great job: I have turned my TV on and raised the sound level until it was loud and annoying, after that I have connected the Sony MDR-NC13 earphones with my MP3 player and start listening to music. With the noise canceling button on the noise was reduced and even I was in a noisy room I could enjoyed my music.

Conclusion: very comfortable earphones which cancel the noise very well. Recommended to be used in crowded, nosy towns.

The sample was offered to my by Curry. Curry’s are a UK based leading supplier of electrical goods. They specialise in household appliances and electronics, such as MP3 players, headphones, gaming systems, personal computers and laptops.

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