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Sparkup The Magic Reader Review

Just got a new gadget to review – the Sparkup which promises to be a magic reader.

With Sparkup, families can record their favorite stories together, and kids can follow along as their favorite story is being read aloud in a loved one’s voice”

It’s also great for when grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins come to visit. Everyone can record together, and then those stories are preserved on Sparkup even after the relatives have left.





This video shows how the device works

Using the Sparkup kids can pick their favorite story books from their bookshelves and follow along as a familiar voice reads them aloud.

The Sparkup main features:

    • read aloud nearly any book in any language
    • personalize your kids’ favorite stories
    • encourage independent reading
    • strengthen family bonds through reading


Sparkup review

Is the Sparkup a magic reader? For a kid yes it is!

With the device you can record any book you have in your house turning the pages when the signal indicates it and your kid will pick up the book and Sparkup will read each page for the little one with your voice. Magic indeed.

The Sparkup is simple to use and although I don’t have kids I think they will adore the device because I remember how excited I was in my childhood when my parents played a vinyl with stories for me.

In conclusion a gadget for parent which will be loved by kids.

Pricing and availability

The Sparkup price tag is $59.99 and you can get it from SparkupReader.com.

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