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Hate it or love it, gadgets are here to stay; they make the world go round. We see them in movies, our friends have them and the last thing we want is being out of the equation when people talk about what you missed. From keeping track of the Formula 1 results in Monaco, to counting the calories you are losing while reading this, you name it, with the available sport gadgets anything is possible. In short, Christmas is here and woe unto you if you have no gadget in mind either as a present or just for your own use. Let’s have a look at some of the top sporting gadgets.

Heath/Fitness: Garmin910XT

Garmin Forerunner

If you are a fitness enthusiast and you haven’t found the right gadgets, well your search has come to end. With this GPS watch you can monitor your running, swimming and cycling activities. Additionally it comes with a triathlon and multi-sport support mode. Connecting this gadget to your foot pod or heart rate monitor will provide you with a full statistical feedback of your work outs.

There are many gadgets use by sports enthusiasts. Athletes use timers, gymnasts use reliable gymnastics grips. There are gadgets for every sport.

Laser Guided Pool Cue

Learn to never lose a pool table match by practicing with this awesome cue that helps improve your aim. This is a touch activated sport gadget that produces a laser visible across the table so you can line it up precisely.

Optic 1050 Binoculars

Imagine you are in a football stadium, but seated in the topmost ro. You have struggled to pay get the ticket, get to the match but now you cannot clearly see what is going on. Well, with this gadget, you don’t have to worry about sight. Anything within the 35 mile radius will be in your view. With soft eye cups, X1000 zoom and very light weight these binoculars ensure that you enjoy your sight-seeing activities.

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