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Squidgy Animals

Squidgy Animals
As comfy as a Cushtie but immeasurably cuter, Norman the Penguin and Betsy the Cow are the very latest in adorably squidgy pets.

You can have this for ?9.95

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  1. exfatguy says:

    What a cute and adorable toys.. even the name are cutes
    Norman the Penguin and Betsy the Cow..a great gifts to beloved.

  2. online store says:

    The penguin looks cute. I prefer if it can talk. i mean with some gadgets install inside.

  3. They are really cute. It made me think of the toys I had as a child, I’m 54 now.
    I had 2 teddy bears, one called ‘big ted’ and one called ‘little ted’. I always did have a vivid imagination!
    I still have them both. I wonder if Norman and Betsy will still be around in 50 years?

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