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Starlite Fibre Optic Lights

Starlite Fibre Optic Lights

Our little Starlite Fibre Optic Light brings a room to life. Its great for parties and social events and sets the mood for the odd romantic evening.Its so versatile it can be moved anywhere and looks more stunning and safer than candles. Try it out as a beautiful centrepiece for that special dinner party. Super bright LED’s so no bulbs to replace. Fiber optic of the highest quality. Chrome-plated base. No wires Colours may vary

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  1. Nice stuff. It creates a mood for a room.

  2. This reminds of a similar one my parents had back in the 80s. I’m not sure if they were made from fiber optics then though.

  3. That’s very cool! Fiber optics are so soothing and pretty!

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