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StarSailor – LiveSky is an Upcoming Portable Bedroom Projector Loaded with Tech Features

Have you ever wondered what a clear starry night on an African safari might look like in person? Or how about the colorful Northern Lights? Well now you can simulate that experience with StarSailor – LiveSky, no matter where you are in the world.

Along with displaying live or pre-recorded feeds of the sky, Milky Way and other natural backgrounds, StarSailor can project any other content that you might want to see in any room including movies, digital books, websites, live sports games, live concerts, and more.

This surprisingly small, portable and cool looking projector is also loaded with tech features and sensors, making it a versatile entertainment and sleep aid/monitoring tool — substantially different from any other projector currently available.

Temperature dust and humidity sensors

Sleep problems affect millions of people around the world, with approximately 20 to 40% of adults having some form of a sleep disorder. It’s an oft-neglected yet potentially serious health problem that can lead to long term chronic illnesses including obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression.

StarSailor is designed with features to help users improve the quality of their sleep and identify problems that may be contributing to sleep disturbances. In particular, room temperature, air quality and humidity are three major factors that can lead to sleep problems.

StarSailor has humidity and temperature sensors which offer accurate live readings that can be monitored at any time. An air particulate sensor also helps users determine their air quality and how it might be affecting their sleep. Sensor data and sleep habits are stored over time and can be viewed with a wide range of helpful daily, weekly and monthly charts for analysis.

Smartphone connectivity, built-in speakers, WiFi and more

StarSailor is customizable with the user’s favorite content and offers connectivity with smartphones and social media accounts. Android, Windows or iOS smartphones and tablets can be used to fully control the device including playing music and changing the display and other settings. Streaming video can be directly projected from smartphones.

The unit can also be synchronized to a home audio system, however there are powerful built-in speakers on the device which can suffice for those who would prefer to have it play sound on its own.  White noise or other pleasant sounds can be played as a sleep aid.

The nightlight feature uses soft LED lights to gently illuminate the room. The sounds, projection and light can be set to turn off on a sleep timer. The device can also function as an alarm and which can be quickly switched to snooze mode with the wave of a hand.

StarSailor is equipped with a high sensitivity microphone which can be used to pick up any sounds that may be contributing to sleep disturbances. A powerful WiFi chip ensures constant connectivity to any live streams.

Possible open source development

The creators of StarSailor intend for it to be an open source project with IFTTT and Z-Wave support so that its community can contribute their own custom StarSailor programs and utilize the device in creative and original ways. These unique tech features separate StarSailor from any other option that is currently available and make it one of the most exciting and innovative upcoming portable projectors.

By Alex Gurevich

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