Strange Twist in Craigslist Classified Ads

The critics of have many things to say about this almost free service. Despite the furor, however, the loyal users of Craiglist continue to rely on this site for its various features. What is disheartening to note is that some of its users are taking advantage of the classified ads section to promote harmful personal motives in the form of revenge. This is exactly what happened to a Tacoma resident and her traumatic experience involving Craigslist.

In April 2007, somebody placed an ad on Craig list stating that a certain house in Tacoma is unoccupied. Alleging to be the owner, the poster stated that anyone who is interested could take anything he wants inside the house � free of charge. Those who have come across this ad took it seriously so they went and literally shopped around. As it turned out, the house was for rent and the property owner has recently evicted the tenant some time ago. The principal suspect was the said tenant who turned out to be related to the owner/landlord � her sister.

The Tacoma Police is considering this case to be a civil matter and not a criminal one if the allegations that the proprietor and the suspect are siblings. Nonetheless, it is quite disturbing that a popular site such as Craigslist is being used by ill-mannered people as an instrument of revenge and other evil intentions

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