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Super Deal! Slanket and Crazy Boots Combo from Gadgets.co.uk

Gadgets.co.uk Offer Details – Slanket and Crazy Boots Combo

Slanket and Crazy Boots Combo
Slanket and Crazy Boots Combo from Gadgets.co.uk

Offer Details: When temperatures drop there are few better places than curled up on the sofa all snuggled up with a good DVD. Well now not only can you can maximise your snuggle factor thanks to the colossally cuddly Cosy Combo Pack, but you can also save 15% on the individual retail price. We’ve teamed up two of our cosiest gadgets in an unstoppable combo that is sure to send drafts and chills running for cover. If you thought that on their own the Slanket was snuggly, and the Microwavable Cosy Boots kept you toasty, just wait till you experience them both together. Forget Butch and Sundance, Sonny and Cher, or Bill and Ted, this dynamic duo could be the greatest pairing we’ve ever seen!

Each Cosy Combo Pack comprises one Slanket and one pair of Microwavable Cosy Boots that are colour co-ordinated and will ensure an all over feeling of snugness. The Cosy Combo pack really does make a great gift for anyone who doesn’t like the cold, and saving 15% will make sure you are always smug and snug.

Save £6.95 when compared to buying the individual items.
Our Price £39.95

Offer expires on: 30/11/2009

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